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Discounts, Specials, and Coupons for Service Dogs

Owning a Service Dog can be expensive! Luckily there are many stores, shops, and gear makers that offer discounts, specials or coupons for service dog gear or even general dog gear. We’ve gathered these specials here to help make things a bit easier on your wallet, along with bringing some visibility to those smaller shops run by folks in our community. Check out the deals below!

Is your shop running a deal or special? Let us know so we can feature it here!

Service Dog Supplies

General Dog Supplies

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Service Dog Society
The Service Dog Society is dedicated to the education, training and support of service dog handlers, their friends and family, service dog trainers and programs, puppy raisers, businesses, the general public, and anybody else who has questions about these marvelous helpers.Our goal is to provide as much information as possible, in a centralized location and in an easy-to-follow format. We know first hand how overwhelming the process of getting and/or training a service dog can be, for everyone involved! Our hope is to alleviate some of the confusion and difficulty that is a part of the process.